Benefits of Registering Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Website

Benefits of Registering Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Website

Domain names are the online identity of your business. Once you register a domain online, you can easily create and host a website for yourself that sells your services, products, or merely present a resource blog. Though you can conveniently say that the domain you registered is entirely yours, there are some loopholes to that statement. You might have owned a domain, but the variations that exist on the internet may create problems for you in the coming future.

Here is an example that will help you understand:

You have a blogging site that says That is officially your domain, and it represents your business on the internet. But there are other variations which you probably did not consider, and they are still open for someone else to pick it up. Variations like,,, and so on. There are many others available. A spelling mistake of your website can also become a domain. You never know.

Here are some benefits of registering multiple domain extension for your website.

  • Competitors strategy

If you have a full-fledged and successful online business, there are chances that your competitors will register a variation of your domain that ends with some other extensions. We will continue the analogy of your website, Your competitor might register the domains related or even closer not for them to use, just for stopping you from taking your business online.

  • Redirecting other domains

When you buy all the domains related to yours, you can either create websites for each one or redirect the other domains to your primary domain. This way, even if anyone types in or, they are redirected to your domain. This approach helps you keep customers who might have accidentally searched for a wrong domain of your own business and retain him/her conveniently.

  • Building your domain for a different location

The search engines use geolocation extensions for displaying the businesses located near the searcher’s location. Therefore, you can register your domain with various extensions like .au or Someday your business will grow, and you will want to earn your share in the international market, and that is when a domain with geological name extension will show its results.

  • Take your brand identity up a notch

We are moving in a competitive world, and unless you have the edge over your competitor, you are sure to miss out on some things concerning business. Therefore, we say, registering multiple domain extensions will help you improve your brand’s identity. Most people don’t remember all the domains unless you are very popular.

We have collated a list of the most important benefits of registering multiple domain extensions. Being said that, you can do the redirection of your websites easily using Cloud Hosting plans, Shared Hosting or  VPS Hosting. Hosting plays a big role when we talk about building a brand identity or hosting multiple domains. You have to pick a plan that allows you to host multiple domains and offer an easy interface to redirect the traffic to your primary website.