How to Improve Brain Creativity

How to Improve Brain Creativity

How to increase brain creativity is something that must be done, especially in an advanced era such as today so as not to be left behind in everything. Both in the fields of education, economics, and others. Creativity is the ability to create new ideas, ideas, and works of art, which must be owned by everyone.

Creativity is the ability that someone has since childhood, but creativity can be increased by doing ways to increase brain creativity. There are many ways you can do to increase brain creativity for those of you who have grown up. With the nutritional intake and complete nutrition can also increase your brain’s ability because nutrients for the brain are met and also by consuming brain supplements such as CBD Oil. Here are some exercises that can improve brain creativity and imagination.

Ways to Improve Brain Creativity, Logic of Thinking, and Power of Imagination


The first way to increase brain creativity is to read. Both light reading such as reading novels or comics or reading information can flex the brain muscles so that it can increase brain creativity. In addition, reading can also build cognitive brain reserves to delay the onset of dementia.

Play puzzle

Playing puzzle games, crosswords, sudoku, or Rubik can train the brain. Especially the left brain to improve brain cognitive abilities.

Balance the left brain and right brain

To increase the creativity of your brain, make it a habit to practice balancing your right and left brain. Get used to using your left hand to do activities such as writing, brushing your teeth, holding a cellphone, and other light activities. this exercise can strengthen the brain’s nerve connections and even form new brain nerves.

Make friends with creative people

Making friends with more creative people can increase your creativity and imagination. Spending time with people who are more creative allows you to have more innovative ideas than you did before.

Social life

Living your social life like visiting friends etc. can improve your brain’s ability. A 2006 study by Dr. David Bennett from Rush University Medical Center found that having social networks can provide protection against clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Listen to music

Experts show listening to music while smelling flowers can improve brain ability because this activity involves two senses at once. And music can also stimulate the brain by giving it a sense of comfort.

Everyone certainly wants to have good creativity including yourself. You will certainly be able to increase the creativity of your brain if you do a way to increase the brain’s creativity on a regular basis, earnest, and sure. In this case, you can also use music therapy to increase creativity to increase your creativity and imagination and give a very comfortable, calm and very relaxed feeling that you may never have felt so far like the therapy from CBD Oil Canada that you need to try.