Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly

The modern PCB assembly production and manufacture of parts of a large number of using the screen printing machine, SMT machines, reflow stoves and other automation equipment, the basic use of industrial control machinery. Because the data interface and format of the manufacturer are different, the equipment information cannot be shared centrally, and many “information islands” are formed, which cannot be analyzed and processed by the same data. Although most equipment has the ability to collect production process parameters, there is no network connection between devices, the acquisition parameters can only be viewed manually through the screen display or the way disk backups are completed, not the timely response to the overall production. Line, real-time performance. At the same time, manual acquisitions increase the workload, reduce work efficiency, the truth also cannot get the safety.

The characteristics of the PCB assembly industry determining whether there is a connection to the problem will result in a whole series of products in the memo. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the main production parameters in real time and to find the location of the error and provide the correct alarm information. At the same time, some important parameters are adjusted automatically. You can hire PCB Assembly China for the best PCB assembly service.

The company is no longer satisfied with the simplest direct Kanban information, the need for real-time production data, the monitoring of dynamic production activities. On this basis, supplemented by methodology of quality control methodology, scientific and systematic quality process analysis is conducted to support timely assessment and processing of field production processes and to improve production quality.

There is an error between the corporate planning layers and the field control equipment (DCS), and the automatic/semi-automatic closed-loop business process that cannot be realized automatically. As the PCB assembly industry, a small number of diversified, often characteristic order changes, production planning, and order requirements cannot be released to the site in a timely manner, the workshop cannot timely according to the actual situation of the production plan to adjust. Reduce productivity and impact of delivery time. And the stability of the shipping period is an important factor in customer procurement.

In addition, there are many repetitive manipulations and error-prone links in the production process of the workshop site. For example: How to effectively control the use of material racks in a large number of patches on site, how to ensure the correct position of materials, how to verify correct correspondence between order and production BOM etc.