What Does Your Smartphone Background Say About You

What Does Your Smartphone Background Say About You

What picture you have on your smartphone can tell someone a lot about you and your personality. They are more often than not something that is relative to our lives and something that we cherish a lot. Everyone is different, and make a choice for a reason. So, what does it mean when you go for a particular image or graphic for your background picture? Here’s some insight into what your background picture on your smartphone says about you.

Pic With Your Pet

A pet is a person’s best friend, and there’s no better way to express it then being reminded about them every day from your smartphone background. They’re your furry little companion that shows you love even when you least expect it. You’ll probably have a cute or hilarious pose with them just to remind you just how great they are. Having them as your background can only mean one thing, you love them to the moon and back and there’s nothing wrong with it. It just shows you’re a dear animal lover.

A Selfie

Having a picture of yourself on your background would immediately suggest that you quite love yourself and are perhaps a little vein because you’ve found a selfie pic that you look good in. If you’re the type who constantly looks at your reflection in shop windows when you’re walking through the city centre or love to take a good selfie, you’re probably going to have it on the lock screen of your smartphone too.

Couple Goals

To some, it might appear a little cringey to have your partner on your screen but it can actually mean some positive things. It just proves that you’re happy with your relationship and the partner that you have. It helps to remind you that you’re great together and you want to show it off to everyone, including showing them off too! The real question is whether your partner has a picture of you too, but I’m sure you’ll be able to discuss that one between yourselves.

Squad Photo

Having all the friends together is a great moment to share. Most likely it was from a time when you were on holiday or when you were having the time of your life on one of the stag or hen do’s. It’s a great way of letting everyone know that you have a big group of friends, but whatever stories you have leading up to the photo are probably best kept between yourselves.

The Default Background

Having the default background on your smartphone normally means that you’re the type of person who isn’t really bothered or you just don’t engross yourself in your phone enough to care. Other times, it’s simply that you’re not very tech-savvy so haven’t had the chance to check how to do it. It’s completely fine as you’re bound to have someone who’s pretty clued up on it and that’s most likely your 7-year old nephew or niece. Alternatively, the internet is very likely to have all the answers, try this.

Android app development and iOS app development have meant that backgrounds are even more interactive, providing more features and graphics that can really help you express yourself through your smartphone. Alternatively, a special moment captured in your photo album always goes down well. Whatever you choose as your background it provides a great indication to others the type of person that you are, so don’t hold back.